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"Discover a fun, sporty and technical outdoor activity"


Boomerang is not a simple toy. Training will allow you to understand the different types and practices of boomerang: precision, speed, stamina, MTA maximum time aloft …


Boomerang is different from throwing sticks which were used in primitive societies for hunting. Boomerang is just the fun evolution of these sticks.


According to the different types of boomerang (bi-blade, tri-blade, four-blade), their materials (wood, composite, carbon, foam) and their shapes, they require different throwing technics, with few or no wind.


Boomerangs have however the same speed as throwing sticks, which requires some precautions like any other technical sports. Your instructor will ensure the smooth running of the course and will explain the different safety rules to follow.


Introduction €15

Minimum age 8 years old – 1 hour
Gripping (pinch grip, 3 fingers, whole hand), throwing breakdown (arm and wrist motions), wind direction and flight path (catching area).


Minimum 4 people.


Boomerang making workshop/throwing

Minimum age 8 years old – 1h30

Basic aerodynamics (understanding lift), cutting out the outline (leading edge and training edge), customising  and flying future boomerang.



You wish to organise a group activity (birthday, hen party, stag night), do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized offer.



Journées Découvertes, venez sans réserver


Boomerang as a group activity

Boomerang as a group activity

Throwwing boomerang: position of the throwing arm

Throwwing boomerang: position of the throwing arm

Throwing boomerang: release

Throwing boomerang: release

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